The system that our advisors and coaches use for implementing Lean-manufacturing is time-tested and highly successful. We start by measuring the baseline performance of your manufacturing operation so that we can identify the areas of greatest need and opportunity. We then apply our unique change and improvement methodology - TARGET™ that advances through a planned progression of Lean skills and practices. Starting with the Lean practices that yield the fastest and largest benefits, we...

each your employees Lean-manufacturing concepts and working techniques in on-site classes

ssign Lean implementation tasks designed for your specific work environment

eview the outcome of these assignments with employees to refine the results and resolve issues

enerate real savings by working side-by-side with your employees to implement these Lean practices on the factory floor

valuate and measure your real-world results against Lean performance goals, and then...

ransition to an even higher level of savings by teaching your employees the next round of Lean concepts and practices.