35 years helping market-leading companies improve their financial and product performace. Success with Lean in every area of the Enterprise.


Improvements surpass 70% for cycle times, inventory levels, defect rates, use of warehouse space, value of work in process, and time to market.


We offer Dramatic, Scalable and Sustainable Benefits for Employees, Shareholders and Customers.

Our Value Proposition

Our advisors and coaches work one-on-one with your managers and employees to solve your specific manufacturing problems and to exploit your unique business opportunities. Through a proven system of teaching while doing ...

Proven Lean practices throughout all areas of your enterprise that can benefit, including:

  •  Finance & Strategic Planning
  •  Engineering & Research
  •  Product Development & Commercialization
  •  Quotation & Cost Estimating
  •  Order Processing & Configuration
  •  Material Planning & Purchasing
  •  Order Fulfillment & Quality Programs
  •  Facility & Manufacturing Maintenance
  •  Use of New Technologies & IT Where Appropriate

Learn by Doing

The system that our advisors and coaches use for implementing Lean-manufacturing is time-tested and highly successful. We apply our unique change and improvement methodology...

each your employees
ssign Lean implementation tasks
eview the outcome
enerate real savings
valuate and measure
ransition to a higher level of savings